Vibratory Feeders


Vibratory Feeders solutions since 1972

One of the most cost-saving automated equipment for parts feeding requirements is  the use of vibratory  feeder bowls. Vibratory feeders are known in the industry as one of  the oldest and most used option for effective bowl  feeder loading and as a part sorter. Vibratory feeder bowls use an  electromagnetic drive to stimulate movement by vibration. The parts held in the  vibratory feeder bowl are moved, or vibrated, up a spiral track, which winds  around the inside and/or outside of the vibratory feeder bowl. Only parts that  have the correct alignment and/or orientation can pass through the tooling,  with rejects returning to the bowl for recirculation or to be discharged as bad  parts.

Vibratory feeder bowls are designed to work best with small, lightweight metal or plastic parts that are normally difficult to feed or sort.  Vibratory feeders feed high-quality parts at a rather high feed rate.  A correctly used vibratory feeder could move parts at 172” per minute.

California Vibratory Feeders (CVF) specializes in Vibratory Feeders.
We offer a wide variety of vibratory feeders to suit all of your feeding needs.
  • Multi-lane vibratory feeders – high speed
  • Multi-bowl vibratory feeders – high speed
  • Multiple sizes – ranges from 3” to 48”
  • CVF will make and feed to your specifications

Please contact a CVF sales representative for more details.

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