Standard Products

Conical Bowls, Sound Enclosures, Tables


Specializing in the feeder industry not only includes such main products such as vibratory feeders, centrifugal feeders, inline tracks and gravity tracks but it also contains the smaller elements of the business that might go unnoticed.  Here at CVF we have produced a few standard products to help alleviate some of the other issues that can arise.

Conical Bowls

Conical bowls are used to help with the circulation of products.  The small stature of our conical bowls work perfectly in helping to reduce recirculation of the product as it is introduced to special tooling.  Our conical bowls work great for applications that include silicone or rubber stoppers.

standard-conical-feeder-bowl-1 standard-conical-feeder-bowl-1-top-view standard-conical-feeder-bowl-side-view

Sound Enclosures

When running industrial sized equipment sound levels have to be considered for everyone involved.  For example, an 18” diameter stainless-steel bowl feeding steel clips emits 95.5 db.  The same stainless-steel bowl with a custom CVF Sound Enclosure installed emits only 77db.  That’s a total reduction of 18.5 db!  Our custom sound enclosures reduce noise levels to meet in compliance with OSHA standards for industrial noise.

Our sound enclosures are constructed of 1” square tubing with ¼” Plexiglas sides to allow 360 degree viewing of the enclosed machine. The top and sides of the sound enclosure can be hinged to allow access to the bowl and or storage hopper. Here at CVF we offer custom designs on all sound enclosures to fit any one of our vibratory feeder bowls.  Our standard size sound enclosure is designed specifically to accommodate feeder bowls ranging from 15” to 30” in diameter.



up of the machines.  The tables here at CVF are specifically designed to help support feeder bowls and other additional components.  We offer several types of support tables to best fit your equipment needs.  Our stainless steel support tables are constructed of Blanchard ground steel or aluminum.  Each table has a tooling plate mounted on a steel tubing frame that includes leveling pads.  Our lift and roll support tables do just that.  These support tables help to lift and roll feeder systems from one place to another.  This allows for each system to be used in as many different areas of your building as possible.



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