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Vibratory Feeder Bowl

vibratoryFeederBowlOne of the most cost-saving automated equipment for part feeder requirements is  the use of vibratory  feeder bowls. A vibratory feeder is known in the industry as one of  the oldest and most used option for effective bowl part feeder loading and as a part sorter. Vibratory feeder bowls use an  electromagnetic drive to stimulate movement by vibration. The parts held in the  vibratory feeder bowl are moved, or vibrated, up a spiral track, which winds  around the inside and/or outside of the vibratory feeder bowl. Only parts that  have the correct alignment and/or orientation can pass through the tooling,  with rejects returning to the bowl for recirculation or to be discharged as bad  parts.

Vibratory feeder bowls are designed to work best with small, lightweight metal or plastic parts that are normally difficult to feed or sort.  Vibratory part feeders feed high-quality parts at a rather high feed rate.  A correctly used vibratory feeder could move parts at 172” per minute.

Multi-bowl Vibratory Feeder


CVF specializes in Vibratory Feeders.  We offer a wide variety of vibratory feeder units to suit all of your feeding needs.

  • Multi-lane vibratory feeder – high speed
  • Multi-bowl vibratory feeder– high speed
  • Multiple sizes – ranges from 3” to 48”
  • CVF will make and feed to your specifications


Centrifugal Feeders

Another option we offer here at California Vibratory  Feeders, Inc.  is Centrifugal Bowl  Feeders. Centrifugal  bowl feeders do the same tasks as a vibratory feeder but with more features and benefits such as the  ability to handle oil-covered parts and operating at higher feed rates. Centrifugal feeders do not use any type of vibration  or tracks to sort parts. A centrifugal bowl feeder uses an angled, spinning  disk to cast parts to the outer edge of the bowl. As the parts accumulate at  the outer edge of the centrifugal feeder bowl, they are stabilized in order to  start orientation of the parts. Specialized tooling is introduced which orients  the parts before they exit the centrifugal feeder bowl. As with vibratory feeder  bowls, parts that are misaligned return to the centrifugal feeder bowl for  recirculation or to be discharged as bad parts.

The subtle processes of centrifugal feeders allow them to be used in more areas where gentle handing of the parts is required. However, because of the high feed rate centrifugal bowl feeders offer, parts that have a tendency to tangle at high feed rates may not be able to be fed in a centrifugal bowl feeder, but may be able to be fed accurately in other equipment we can offer.

Dual Centrifugal Feeders (Double feed rate)


CVF specializes in Centrifugal Bowl Feeders.  We offer a wide variety of centrifugal feeders to suit all of your feeding needs.

  • Solid state control
  • Standard and custom design – 100% reliable
  • Photo optic sensors
  • Assembly capability
  • Dual centrifugal feeders for double feed rate
  • Shuttle escapements for sorting parts during orientation
  • Pharmaceutical and clean room applications
  • FDA-approved standards
  • High-speed bottle feeders
  • Cap feeders
Custom Tooled 100% reliable
Standard Products: Conical Bowls, Sound Enclosures, Tables


Specializing in the feeder industry not only includes such main products such as a vibratory feeder, centrifugal feeder, inline tracks and gravity tracks but it also contains the smaller elements of the business that might go unnoticed.  Here at CVF we have produced a few standard products to help alleviate some of the other issues that can arise.

Conical Bowls


Conical bowls are used to help with the circulation of products.  The small stature of our conical bowls work perfectly in helping to reduce recirculation of the product as it is introduced to special tooling.  Our conical bowls work great for applications that include silicone or rubber stoppers.


Sound Enclosures


When running industrial sized equipment sound levels have to be considered for everyone involved.  For example, an 18” diameter stainless-steel bowl feeding steel clips emits 95.5 db.  The same stainless-steel bowl with a custom CVF Sound Enclosure installed emits only 77db.  That’s a total reduction of 18.5 db!  Our custom sound enclosures reduce noise levels to meet in compliance with OSHA standards for industrial noise.

Our sound enclosures are constructed of 1” square tubing with ¼” Plexiglas sides to allow 360 degree viewing of the enclosed machine. The top and sides of the sound enclosure can be hinged to allow access to the bowl and or storage hopper. Here at CVF we offer custom designs on all sound enclosures to fit any one of our vibratory feeder bowls.  Our standard size sound enclosure is designed specifically to accommodate feeder bowls ranging from 15” to 30” in diameter.



Some applications may need the use of one of our custom designed tables in order to complete the proper set-up of the machines.  The tables here at CVF are specifically designed to help support feeder bowls and other additional components.  We offer several types of support tables to best fit your equipment needs.  Our stainless steel support tables are constructed of Blanchard ground steel or aluminum.  Each table has a tooling plate mounted on a steel tubing frame that includes leveling pads.  Our lift and roll support tables do just that.  These support tables help to lift and roll feeder systems from one place to another.  This allows for each system to be used in as many different areas of your building as possible.

In-lines / Gravity Tracks / Airveyors

Inline Gravity Track
Here at CVF we offer a wide variety of Inlines, Gravity Tracks and Airveyors for any and all of your custom automated equipment feeding needs. All of our inline tracks, gravity tracks and airveyors are designed and built for each specific application to maximize all cost-saving benefits. Once parts exit the vibratory feeder, inline tracks, gravity tracks or airveyors move the parts to the next staging area. During this process the inline tracks, gravity tracks and airveyors help by maintaining orientation, along with supplying the proper feed rate for the task being performed at each particular part sorter stage. Back pressure, a very important issue when trying to be cost effective can also be maintained when working with inline tracks and gravity tracks.
Inlines (linear inline drive units) are automated equipment feeding devices which are designed to help store product. These units not only keep parts following but also allow for parts to be stored in an efficient and logical place, the product queue, for future assembly.
Inline Track

CVF also offers airveyors (positive airveyor linear tracts) and gravity tracks if the customer prefers.   Airveyors use air to move parts from stage to stage instead of a mechanical conveyor while Gravity Tracks simply use gravity to move the parts.  Airveyors are used more for standard feed rates, while gravity tracks are generally used for high-feed rates.

CVF specializes in material handling parts movement and efficiency. We offer a wide variety of inlines, gravity tracks and airveyors to suit all of your bowl feeder loading needs.

  • Multiple track systems to increase feed rate
  • Square and Round “Low” Profile Vibratory Drive Units to custom fit your application


Inline Linear Drive

Vibratory Feeder Storage Hoppers , Elevated Prefeeders , Conveyors


Storage Hopper

Vibratory Feeder Storage Hoppers

With the sorting and moving of parts comes another issue, proper parts storage.  Here at CVF we manufacture and supply vibratory feeder storage hoppers that hold a bulk amount of parts along with being used as capable storage bins.  We offer a wide variety of vibratory feeder storage hoppers with many sizes to choose from.

Vibratory feeder storage hoppers are a big benefit to feeder bowls with high feed rates. Since these feeder bowls need to be consistently filled, vibratory feeder storage hoppers are used to automatically refill the vibratory feeder bowl once the fill level falls below a certain level.

Elevated Prefeeders

Elevated Parts PreFeeder

Elevated prefeeders play a very important  role in the parts business. Elevated prefeeders  are used to supply parts at various heights. The cost saving benefits of using  elevated prefeeders is invaluable. Not only will  the use of elevated prefeeders save on operating  labor cost, but elevated prefeeders provide the  functionality of floor loading along with the capability of performing at  various heights that are needed to satisfy certain requirements. CVF’s parts  elevators include an adjustable angle discharge chute and a vibratory feeder supply  hopper with adjustable outlet gate. The belt elevator is available in standard  heights with either a 6 inch-wide or 12 inch-wide cleated belt. The bulk  storage hopper is offered in various sizes. Any elevator height may be combined  with any capacity hopper to make up a complete system. The belt elevator unit  includes motor and controller. Operation of the system may be automatically  controlled with an optional bowl level switch located at some strategic point  in the processing flow.

Parts Conveyors


Custom Conveyor

Here at CVF we strive to supply the parts industry with only the best products available.  Our Conveyors are designed for efficient parts movement from one processing or manufacturing step to another. These versatile machines provide the vital interfaces that reduce labor requirements and operator fatigue while helping to maintain high production levels. Variable speed, adjustable height and portability allow the user to use the CVF parts conveyor in a wide range of parts movement applications. These units can be supplied in any lengths required by the user.

CVF specializes in vibratory feeder storage hoppers, elevated prefeeders and conveyors. We offer a wide variety of vibratory feeder storage hoppers, elevated prefeeders and conveyors to suit all of your specific needs.

Custom Automated Equipment Solutions


Coated/Lined Feeders for Medical, Food, or Clean Room Applications
Multiple Vitamin Packaging Systems
Miniature Parts Feeder
Precision Tooling to Customers Specifications
Multi-Lane Bowl Double or triple output for high speed assembly.
High Speed Feeder Rates
Multi-Bowl Feeder for High Speed Orientations
Government Applications
Automated Assembly Equipment
Automated Assembly  Equipment / Automatic Packaging Machine Feeder 10 feeder bowls with hoppers and escapement mechanisms with variable counters. Each bowl may be used for a different type part (e.g. nuts, bolts, washers, screws) to automatically make up kits. The collected parts are conveyed to a packaging machine and packaged at a rate of up to 150 kits per minute.
Zero Defects Material  Handling Parts
Medical Products
Multiple parts/sizes/styles can be fed from one or more bowls.