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Vibratory Storage Hoppers


With the sorting and moving of parts comes another issue, proper parts storage.  Here at CVF we manufacture and supply vibratory storage hoppers that hold a bulk amount of parts along with being used as capable storage bins.  We offer a wide variety of vibratory storage hoppers with many sizes to choose from.

Vibratory storage hoppers are a big benefit to feeder bowls with high feed rates. Since these feeder bowls need to be consistently filled, vibratory storage hoppers are used to automatically refill the feeder bowl once the fill level falls below a certain level.

Elevated Parts Prefeeders


Elevated prefeeders play a very important  role in the parts business. Elevated prefeeders  are used to supply parts at various heights. The cost saving benefits of using  elevated prefeeders is invaluable. Not only will  the use of elevated prefeeders save on operating  labor cost, but elevated prefeeders provide the  functionality of floor loading along with the capability of performing at  various heights that are needed to satisfy certain requirements. CVF’s parts  elevators include an adjustable angle discharge chute and a vibratory supply  hopper with adjustable outlet gate. The belt elevator is available in standard  heights with either a 6 inch-wide or 12 inch-wide cleated belt. The bulk  storage hopper is offered in various sizes. Any elevator height may be combined  with any capacity hopper to make up a complete system. The belt elevator unit  includes motor and controller. Operation of the system may be automatically  controlled with an optional bowl level switch located at some strategic point  in the processing flow.

Parts Conveyors


Custom Conveyor

Here at CVF we strive to supply the parts industry with only the best products available.  Our Conveyors are designed for efficient parts movement from one processing or manufacturing step to another. These versatile machines provide the vital interfaces that reduce labor requirements and operator fatigue while helping to maintain high production levels. Variable speed, adjustable height and portability allow the user to use the CVF parts conveyor in a wide range of parts movement applications. These units can be supplied in any lengths required by the user.

CVF specializes in vibratory storage hoppers, elevated prefeeders and conveyors. We offer a wide variety of vibratory storage hoppers, elevated prefeeders and conveyors to suit all of your specific needs.

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