Inline / Gravity Tracks / Airveyors


Inline Gravity Track

Here at CVF we offer a wide variety of Inlines, Gravity Tracks and Airveyors for any and all of your custom automated equipment feeding needs. All of our inline tracks, gravity tracks and airveyors are designed and built for each specific application to maximize all cost-saving benefits. Once parts exit the vibratory feeder bowls, inline tracks, gravity tracks or airveyors move the parts to the next staging area. During this process the inline tracks, gravity tracks and airveyors help by maintaining orientation, along with supplying the proper feed rate for the task being performed at each particular part sorter stage. Back pressure, a very important issue when trying to be cost effective can also be maintained when working with inline tracks and gravity tracks.

Inlines (linear inline drive units) are automated equipment feeding devices which are designed to help store product. These units not only keep parts following but also allow for parts to be stored in an efficient and logical place, the product queue, for future assembly.


Inline Track

CVF also offers airveyors (positive airveyor linear tracts) and gravity tracks if the customer prefers.   Airveyors use air to move parts from stage to stage instead of a mechanical conveyor while Gravity Tracks simply use gravity to move the parts.  Airveyors are used more for standard feed rates, while gravity tracks are generally used for high-feed rates.

CVF specializes in material handling parts movement and efficiency. We offer a wide variety of inlines, gravity tracks and airveyors to suit all of your bowl feeder loading needs.

  • Multiple track systems to increase feed rate
  • Square and Round “Low” Profile Vibratory Drive Units to custom fit your application
  • Inline Linear Drive


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