Centrifugal Feeders


Another option we offer here at California Vibratory  Feeders, Inc.  is Centrifugal Bowl  Feeders. Centrifugal  bowl feeders do the same tasks as vibratory  bowl feeders but with more features and benefits such as the  ability to handle oil-covered parts and operating at higher feed rates. Centrifugal feeders do not use any type of vibration  or tracks to sort parts. A centrifugal bowl feeder uses an angled, spinning  disk to cast parts to the outer edge of the bowl. As the parts accumulate at  the outer edge of the centrifugal feeder bowl, they are stabilized in order to  start orientation of the parts. Specialized tooling is introduced which orients  the parts before they exit the centrifugal feeder bowl. As with vibratory feeder  bowls, parts that are misaligned return to the centrifugal feeder bowl for  recirculation or to be discharged as bad parts.

The subtle processes of centrifugal feeders allow them to be used in more areas where gentle handing of the parts is required. However, because of the high feed rate centrifugal bowl feeders offer, parts that have a tendency to tangle at high feed rates may not be able to be fed in a centrifugal bowl feeder, but may be able to be fed accurately in other equipment we can offer.

CVF specializes in Centrifugal Bowl Feeders.  We offer a wide variety of centrifugal feeders to suit all of your feeding needs.
  • Solid state control
  • Standard and custom design – 100% reliable
  • Photo optic sensors
  • Assembly capability
  • Dual centrifugal feeders for double feed rate
  • Shuttle escapements for sorting parts during orientation
  • Pharmaceutical and clean room applications
  • FDA-approved standards
  • High-speed bottle feeders
  • Cap feeders


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